My Life at FetLor


I started coming to Fet two years ago and now I am one of the older ones in my group. Our club meets two times a week which is good as at some places you only get to go once a week.

I come to Fet because it’s something to do and it gets me out of the house. My dad says he came to Fet when he was a kid. You get to do things like play football and go on the computers and you also get to go on trips for almost free. When I was asked I said my favourite thing was going on trips.

We have a tuck shop where we can spend some of our money and we are allowed to help with serving. Sometimes I get to help with making the snack which is a good laugh. Also the workers are sound and help you. Today we were learning circus skills in the hall and I had a go at spinning plates and a diablo.

In our club you meet children from other schools and areas so you get to know them as well as your own pals. I think I mix with other children better now. Going to Fet has made me a bit fitter cause of the sports you get to do and my mum says my attitude has got better since coming here. If I was to change anything about Fet it would be that the place needs done up a bit and there was more modern equipment for us to use - even if this doesn’t happen I will still keep coming. More trips would also be good – this year we are going on our first camp and it’s going to be minted.